Introduction to MS Publisher

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Course Outline

Introduction to MS Publisher

Duration: 1 Day


This one day course is aimed at new and novice users of Publisher who wish to be able to create and edit publications. After completing this course you will be able to create text and image rich publications based on pre-formed templates and from scratch. 


Experience of the Windows operating system.

Course outline

Getting Started
•    Understanding the interface
•    Setting options
•    Getting help

Creating a File from Template
•    Selecting a pre-formed template
•    Setting business information sets
•    Selecting a colour scheme
•    Selecting a font scheme
•    Updating the file with a different template

Creating a File from Blank
•    Creating a new blank publication
•    Creating your own colour and font schemes
•    Setting margins and guides
•    Inserting blank pages

Page Design
•    Inserting page numbers
•    Setting headers and footers
•    Working with a master page

Working with Images
•    Inserting image files
•    Manipulating images
•    Adding borders and effects
•    Swapping image files
•    Inserting image place holders

Working with Text
•    Creating a text frame
•    Inserting and manipulating text
•    Formatting text
•    Applying styles
•    Linking text frames together
•    Applying text wrap

Reviewing Text
•    Running the spelling checker
•    Using Find and Replace
•    Inserting Special Characters

Working with Pages
•    Inserting page parts
•    Creating a calendar for events
•    Moving pages around
•    Deleting pages

Basic Drawing
•    Inserting shapes
•    Formatting shapes
•    Setting transparency
•    Aligning, rotating and grouping shapes

•    Inserting and manipulating a table
•    Formatting table cells

Finalising a Publication
•    Running the Design checker
•    Setting up for print
•    Output to PDF