Intermediate Maxon Cinema 4D

CodeCRS150 CurriculumBusiness Skills Sub-Category3D Design & Cad

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Course Outline

Intermediate Maxon Cinema 4D

Duration: 2 Days


This course builds upon your understanding of Cinema 4D to teach you further techniques and tools to create more fluid 3D graphics, models and animations. Workflows and techniques covered will include those needed for professional product design, architectural visualisation, character animation, game development, special effects and beautiful motion graphics.


Delegates should have completed the Transmedia introductory course or at least have a good grasp of Cinema 4D.

Course outline

Intermediate Cinema 4D
•    The R18 interface with new features
•    Customising your workspace
•    Faster workflows and short cuts

Intermediate Modelling
•    Manipulating parametric objects
•    Modelling with splines
•    Combining Deformers
•    Modelling Polygons in more detail
•    Accurate interior modelling
•    Setting up walls, ceiling and floor
•    Extruding Illustrator Files

Intermediate Materials
•    Using texture tags
•    Texturing different areas of an objects
•    Changing a materials mapping
•    Using bump maps
•    Using material filters
•    Creating material layers

Intermediate Lighting
•    Which lights to use when
•    Shadow settings
•    Multiple lighting set-up
•    Light textures and projections
•    Global Illumination

Intermediate Animation
•    Animation for motion graphics
•    Setting up animation cycles
•    Creating animation paths
•    Animating the camera
•    Animating lights
•    Animating deformers
•    MoGraph
•    MoText
•    Using Cloners
•    Fracture
•    Using Effectors, delay and random
•    Particles
•    Creating particles
•    Working with the physics
•    Containing and bouncing particles
•    Using MoGraph to randomise particles

Intermediate Rendering
•    Speeding up Rendering
•    Render regions
•    Depth of Field renders
•    Motion Blur Renders
•    Rendering with Alpha Channels
•    Importing into other applications eg. After Effects, Nuke and Photoshop