Implementing GDPR

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Course Outline

Implementing GDPR

1 day course


This course is designed to increase awareness of the new regulations and the requirements for compliance of all database holders.

The Data Protection regulations that are currently in force date back to 1998, a time when the digital world was very different to today. Although much of the act still holds good there was a growing awareness that it needed to be updated, therefore a European wide initiative began to put together the General Data Protection Regulation to come into force in May 2018.

Despite this being an EU initiative and the U.K. voting to leave, it is deemed important enough to continue the implementation of the regulation. Companies will need to take note of the changes as they do become liable for additional responsibilities under this new legislation. 

Is it right for me?

If you are responsible for database management or compilation then this course is a must to understand your new responsibilities. Should you be involved in preparing information for a database or using them in your job function then the information provided on this course will bring you up to date on the new rules enabling you to manage your database with full understanding of all the implications the new rules will bring. 

What will I learn?

You will be given a full and thorough introduction to the regulations and what you will need to do to be compliant. This will include those actions you can take immediately as well as actions you need to take before the implementation of the act in May 2018 and following this date how to remain compliant.

What will it cover?

•    The Data Protection Act 1998 and its shortcomings
•    The data transparency need
•    The need for General Data Protection Regulation
•    EU initiative, so why worry?
•    The six principles
•    The additional rights of subjects 
•    Access requests
•    Special categories
•    Appointing a Data Protection Officer 
•    Who?
•    What will they do?
•    Will they need to be accredited?
•    What should I do right now? 
•    12 steps recommended by ICO
•    Check what you currently hold
•    The rights of the individual
•    Your legal basis for processing personal data
•    Privacy Impact assessments 
•    What are they and how do they affect me?
•    Rules relating to children
•    Practical ways to start the implementation process
•    The impact on your marketing communications planning