Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced

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Course Outline

Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced

1 Day Course


This course introduces techniques for enhancing, customising and automating Excel worksheets. It includes tasks such as advanced functions, pivot tables, macros, auditing and analytical tools.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

•    create then use labels and names in a workbook
•    use the Formula Auditing tools to find and fix formula errors
•    use the range of Paste Special options
•    use a variety of Financial functions
•    perform What-If Analysis on a range of data using Data Tables
•    use Advanced Filters to view or extract matching records from a list of data
•    use goal seeking to determine the values required to reach a desired result
•    create and work with 'what-if' analysis using scenarios
•    summarise and present information in a PivotTable report
•    construct and operate PivotTables using some of the more advanced techniques
•    create recorded macros in Excel
•    use the macro recorder to create a variety of macros

What will it cover?

•    Labels And Names
•    Formula Auditing
•    Special Pasting
•    Financial Functions
•    Statistical Functions
•    Data Tables
•    Advanced Filtering
•    Summarising Data
•    Goal Seeking
•    Scenarios
•    PivotTables
•    PivotTable Techniques
•    PivotCharts
•    Recorded Macros
•    Recorder Workshop


This is an advanced Excel 2010 course. We recommend that you first attend Excel 2010 Intermediate training or make sure that you have an equivalent level of knowledge.